Crave EdgeTM

Introducing Crave EdgeTM, physician-formulated alcohol craving support for a healthier, better you.*

Crave Edge

The first and only pure l-glutamine supplement physician-formulated specifically to help curb alcohol cravings.* Our glutamine is made in the U.S.A., and extracted by a proprietary natural fermentation process to quickly help curb alcohol cravings and help you stop drinking alcohol.* Drawing on our extensive expertise, we have created the purest, highest quality product in a clinically effective dose with no unnecessary ingredients.

Alcohol cravings can be a real challenge for many people, and often lead to overconsumption and negative health consequences. Crave EdgeTM can help you break the cycle of cravings*, and get you on your way to a better, healthier you.

1,000 Reasons to Curb Your Alcohol Cravings

There is no problem drinking can't make worse.
Straight Edge Labs
Reason #13
Everyone quits drinking eventually - some do it vertically, while others horizontally.
Straight Edge Labs
Reason #376
Drinking alcohol is borrowing happiness, time, and money from tomorrow.
Straight Edge Labs
Reason #589
No one has ever woken up and regretted not drinking.
Straight Edge Labs
Reason #703
One drink is too many, and a thousand never enough.
Straight Edge Labs
Reason #808
Sobriety delivers what alcohol promises.
Straight Edge Labs
Reason #967

Crave EdgeTM is made with only the purest, highest quality ingredient. It’s fast acting and easy to take, and can be seamlessly incorporated into your daily routine to help manage alcohol cravings.*

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Straight Edge LabsTM developed Crave EdgeTM, alcohol craving support*, the first and only pure l-glutamine supplement physician-formulated specifically to help curb alcohol cravings.*

“Sobriety delivers what alcohol promises.”

Are you ready for a natural and effective way to break the damaging cycle of alcohol cravings? Try Crave EdgeTM today. With regular use, you will be on your way to a healthier, happier you.*

Why Crave EdgeTM?

Drawing on our extensive expertise, we have created the purest, highest quality product in a clinically effective dose without any adulterants (additives) or unnecessary ingredients. This ensures maximum absorbability and effectiveness.* 

No Big Pills or Bad Taste

Does Not Cause Sleeplessness*

No rebound Headaches*

Easy to Dissolve & fast acting



Stopped alcohol cravings!

I’m a new father trying to be the best version of myself. This product helped me cut down on drinking. Even after a long day at work, it stopped my alcohol cravings. Easy to dissolve, blends in anything you want. Start with a realistic goal and go from there. You can do it!



It’s working for me!

I bought this to try and break a cycle of drinking daily and to live healthier. So far it’s working like a charm and I haven’t had a drink or even craved one. I put a scoop in cold water and it dissolves easily, I don’t taste it at all. I feel like I stumbled on a great find here! Overall A+



A drink or 3 every night to lost interest

Since covid – i have 1 to 4 drinks nearly every night especially while i cook dinner. After my last physical, my doctor pushed me to cut back on alcohol. This product has dramatically cut my cravings for a drink. I don’t feel any side effects, just a lack of interest for a cocktail. That being said i’ve lost 10lbs just from this one change in my diet.




Mixes easy and doesn’t have a weird taste. I found it more effective for recovery and cravings as well.



Excellent Supplement for Overall Physical and Mental Health … Many Incredible Benefits

I started drinking this glutamine supplement nearly two weeks ago (I’ll have to provide an update after more prolonged use). I am mostly taking it for sugar cravings and general health. I usually drink it following my 7 AM morning jog. I then wait about an hour before ingesting any other food/drink.

Overall, I like the way I feel when I drink Crave Edge. I also really appreciate that it doesn’t have much of a taste. If anything, I would say it tastes like a slightly carbonated and subtly very mildly sweet drink, which is quite pleasant. What I notice immediately as I drink it is that it gives me a kind of cooling sensation, like a feeling of oxygenation. I mostly feel it in my gut and in my head as I drink it. I also notice that it gives me a gentle boost of natural energy.

As far as the packaging goes, I appreciate that I can easily read everything on the label and that there is enough room in the container to comfortably scoop out the powder without creating a mess.

As I’ve read up a bit on this amino acid, I learned that it has many benefits, including supporting our immune and digestive systems — which are at the root of so many of our health problems today. As far as brain/mental health goes, there is much to learn about the brain-gut connection. I would say that Crave Edge’s pure glutamine lives up to its name and quality. Excited to reap the benefits of this awesome supplement and continuing to learn more about it.



I’m impressed!

I have been taking Crave Edge daily for cravings and it’s been working wonderfully for me. I mix a scoop with my water while I’m at work before or as soon as I start getting my midafternoon cravings. I just try to take it enough time away from any food or sugary drink since the directions say to take it on an empty stomach, but I just try to do my best with that. It dissolves easily, has no taste, and is easy to take even when I’m busy at work. It starts working pretty much as soon as I drink it. It definitely works on all types of cravings for me. I have not craved sugar, carbs, or alcohol since I have started to drink it. Somehow I have also began to eat smaller portions for my meals too! And my gym workouts have become much easier as I can feel this product helps me build muscle and helps with post-workout soreness. As soon as I started to take it, I immediately noticed I began working out like a beast. I also started receiving complements about my face looking slimmer and that I’ve lost weight. Overall this is a great product that has enhanced my life in so many ways. I am impressed. Even the packaging is very nice too. It looks and feels expensive and high quality. I will definitely re-order and continue to take it. I have already recommended it to others and will continue to do so.



Not just for alcohol craving! Helps with sugar craving too!

I usually stay away from any powder supplements. I can’t due texture or clumpy gross things. This product is very fine, almost like powder sugar. Has no taste at all and no grainy texture when drinking. First time taking a powder supplement and didn’t gag. For the sugar craving, two days drinking it and don’t care for late afternoon or late night snacking on sugary junk food. Also I drink my calories with sugary drinks, I’ve been drinking water and tea since trying it. 😅 so far so good! I’m very pleased with it and will recommend to family and friends who have the same craving issues as me!

UPDATE: Been taking for almost two months. I’ve notice sugary drink cravings has decrease without realizing it. I have been drinking more water instead. I also don’t feel bloated. Very pleased!



Great product for PCOS support!!! CUT OUT CRAVINGS!!!

I LOVE this product so far!!! PCOS comes with sugar cravings and I bought this product hoping to help for weight loss. I am excited to have found it. My product arrived looking amazing! Packaging is very cool, powder is clean, no smell and tastes fine. Will update my review with results as I deal with the need to cut out cravings which should result in weight loss. I hope people who are struggling with cravings finds this product and utilizes it. You’re worth it!!



Excellent product

I bought this product to experiment and so far it has more than delivered on its claim. Cravings for alcohol and super-sugary things has subsided so far. Also, it doesn’t affect my mood negatively. Would absolutely recommend.



Effective and Multipurpose

Effective supplement for cravings that looks and feels high quality. Also great for pre-and post-workout. Gives a boost of energy. Highly recommended.


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